Alsynite Everlite R74

AlsyniteEverlite R74 is a high quality General purpose sheeting that has been thecornerstone of Alsynite’s Glass Reinforced Polyester translucent sheetingbusiness for many years.

Both theexposed and the underside surfaces of Alsynite Everlite R74 are protected by asurface coating system known R74 Films. This proven system is backed by a 10year performance warranty. Available in a wide range of profiles, EVERLITE R74is the sensible choice for cost effective skylight and siding applications.


  • 10 Year Warranty – condition apply
  • Non Delaminating Surface Technology
  • Resistant to Commonplace Chemicals
  • Good Long Term Clarity Properties


  • Industrial And Commercial Skylights
  • Building Skylight Sidings
  • Nursery And Retail Areas
  • Carport And Pergola Covers

Demand TheBest – Demand R74 Film
Alysniteselects only R74 protective films and coatings in the manufacture of it’s rangeof superior quality roofing products.vR74 Films are the leasing innovators inprotective film technology and Alsynite would use no other. Pleasedemand Alsynite products with their superior R74 films from your local roofingsupplier.

AlsyniteEverlite R74 Product Specification
Description: The product shall be Alsynite everlite R74. Glass Reinforced PolyestherSheeting.
SurfaceCoating : Top R74 Film Under R74 Film
ResinSystem : The Resin System shall be [GP, 50FR, 25HTH or other]
ProductCertificat’n : To AS/NZS 42563 1994
ProductionManufacturing Standard : To ISO 9001 : 2000
Profile : Theprofile shall be ……
Weight : The weight shall be …… [1800, 2400, 3050, 3660, 4880 or otherg/m2]
Colour : The colour shall be ……[Clear, opal or other]

Installation : To be carried out in accordance with the Australian / NewZealand Design and installation of sheet roof and wall cladding products AS/NZS1562.3 : 1996 and Alsynite Roofing Products Pty Ltd Installation andMaintenance procedures.

General Information Alsynite everlite R74
: Everlite R74 is available in standardcolours of Clear and Opal. Customize colours are available. Subject to minimumorder quantities and pigment availability.
Due to Alsynite’s global presence,we have an extensive range of profiles with in our portfolio.
: The standard series weight is 2400g/m2. However, other weights are available to special order. Typical seriesweights are : 1800, 3050, 3660 and 4880 g/m2.
: Upon consultation, sheeting can bemanufactures up to 23.5m in length.
: The resin system is a generalpurpose grade orthophthalic polyester. Fire retardant resin systems 50FR and25HTH are available.
: Diffused light transmission : Clear74% and Opal 58%.
Solar Heat Gain : Clear 560 w/m2 andOpal 486 w/m2.