Alsynite Ultra

TranslucentSheeting. Featuringthe new A15 High Performance Film, together with our newly developed advancedPolyester Resin System

AlsyniteUltra is a premium quality Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) sheet withexcellent long term weathering properties. The exposed surface features a newimproved ultra violet surface protection film known as A15 Films. Together witha unique polyester resin formulation, our advanced system is proudly backed bya 25 year performance warranty. Available in a wide range of profiles, weightsand colours, ALSYNITE ULTRA is the premium choice for roofing and claddingapplications.


  • SuperiorLong term clarity
  • Outstandingsurface erosion resistance
  • Nondelaminating surface technology
  • Excellentlong term weathering characteristics
  • 25Year Warranty – conditions apply
  • Availablein over 140 profiles

Demand TheBest – Demand A15 Film
Alsyniteselects only A15 protective films and coatings in the manufacture of it’s rangeof superior quality roofing products. There is no substitute forquality pleasecompare apples with apples when selecting roofing products. A15 films are theleading innovators in protective film technology and Alsynite would use noother.

GeneralInformation : Alsynite Ultra

  • The standard series weight of Alsynite Ultra is 2400 g/m2, however, other weights are available to special order. Typical series weights are 1800, 3050, 3660, and 4880 g/m2.
  • Standard sheet lengths are available up to 12,2m. Other non-standard lengths are available subjects to spevial order.
  • Standard colours are Clear and Opal. Other colours available subject to consultation.
  • The resin system – an advanced general purpose garde orthophtahlic polyester.
  • Surface coating – A15 Film improved UV protections film, 20 micron nominal thickness.