Corrugated Sheet

Our Corrugated sheet products is the premium corrugated polycarbonate sheet with superior transparency and toughness, absolutely the perfect roofing and glazing solution to your architectural needs. Engineered with the most advanced European technology and selectively the best grades of plastic resins, our corrugated products comes in light-weight, yet virtually unbreakable characteristic, qualifying itself to withstand severe weather condition and unpredictable climate changes.

General Properties
^    250 times stronger than glass and 20 times stronger than acrylic
^    Reduce heat without sacrificing light transmission
^    Natural lighting, electricity and energy saving
^    Environment - friendly
^    As transparent as glass
^    Easy to install and fabricate
^    Fire retardant ( Class 1 category )
^    Withstand temperature changes from -20 C to 120 C

On top of it all, easy installation, high design flexibility and various attractive colors make our corrugated sheet products the perfect roofing and glazing secret to express your unique design and architectural creativity and imagination.

Our corrugated sheet products is ultra-violet layered, which suits many application like: green house, swimming pool, gazebo, canopy, carport, cladding, skylight, terrace, pergolas, skyroofing and industrial structures.

Cautions: Please avoid the use of thinner, gasoline or strong acid.