Laser Plast

Laser plast is a high quality vinyl roof which manufactured specifically for your home with a choice of attractive colors.

With Laser Plast,  make your home roof more harmonious at an economical price

Quality Guaranteed
Laser Plast is a vinyl roof which manufactured using the latest and modern technology. Distributed by PT. Mulford Indonesia as one company that is experienced in the field.

More Superior than Traditional Roofing
Laser Plast superiority compared with other traditional roof is in addition to easy installation, Laser Plast has a smooth surface, thus simplifying the process of cleaning the roof and roof reduce maintenance costs.

Modern And Attractive Color
Laser Plast also excels in color evenly on all surfaces, so you always have a roof that is attractive and modern appearance.

Currently Plast Laser is available in two color choices are: Clear and Blue. With Laser Plast, it is becoming increasingly easy and economical to has a strong and attractive roof, .