Twin Wall Sheet

Twinlite 5mm

PC Twinwall

Twinlite t16 & 10 mm
For many years our TwinWall sheet products has been applied to canopy, skylight, space partition and even as office lighting cover. From common house to office building, swimming pool, shopping mall, school and decoration in exhibition. The applications are limited by imagination only.

Special Features:
•    10 years warranty for durability & long lasting color **
•    Weather and UV resistance
•    Good thermal insulation
•    Ideal for applications such as roofing, cladding and glazing
•    Transparent & aesthetic
•    Made in Indonesia
( ** selected type only )

For extra protection againts harmful sunlight ultra violet - which can be harmful, an anti UV protection coating is added to our premium TwinWall sheet products.

We are the sole distributor of the Impack Pratama Industri.Co.Ltd own TwinWall manufacturer that well known for its premium high quality product ranges.

With so many diversed applications, you have no reason not to use our TwinWall sheet products. So, whenever you are planning and whatever your applications is, make sure that our TwinWall sheet products is your choice.