Roofvent 300

Expel Heat and Moisture from Your Home Throughout the Year
Roofvent 300 is an effective ventilation system throughout the year, dissipate heat and humid air from the roof and replacing it with fresh air.

Roofvent 300 is easy to install and saves you money because it is driven by the wind, although only a small breeze, the cavities are designed to be able to catch any passing breeze.

Roofvent 300 is the right solution to overcome moisture, odor and stuffy in the room of your house such as the bathroom, wash clothes and kitchen. In addition, Roofvent 300 also serves to dissipate the heat caused by the temperature of your roof that can reach 60C.

High Quality Products
Roofvent consists of 300 turbines, neck, and base plate to give you a solution that is easy, powerful and efficient for fresh air ventilation. Roofvent 300 equipped with 2 pieces of high-quality precision bearings to reduce noise. Roofvent 300 has a 15 year warranty.

Roofvent 300 is a product from Australia which is made of stainless aluminum plate and tested in AS2428.1-1993. Roofvent 300 was tested with wind speed of 200 km / h and 2.5 liters per second in rain storm conditions.

Ventilator Position
Ideally Roofvent 300 should be placed on top. Baseplate of ventilators should be installed below the peak to avoid leakage. See the image below.

Also recommended distance between the ventilator is not less than 3 feet, from center to center. (see picture below).

Try to install the ventilator where the air flow smoothly. Avoid mounting on the lower roof and parallel to the wall. Hotter locations require additional ventilator