XRP Lite

XRPLite isa translucent fiberglass roofing product quality, designed as a transmittedlight illumination which can refract light into the building so that the spacein the building to be light and electricity efficience.

As aproduct that can be combined with metal roof on industrial buildings orAyncalume either on the roof or on the wall, XRPLite also available in avariety of profiles.


  • Film layer using modern continuous laminating Australian technology machinery.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Reduce heat and light evenly.
  • Able to refract incoming light evenly.
  • Easy installations and fabrication.
  • Non-flammable.
  • 15 years warranty.

XRPLite isultra-violet layered, which suits many applications like:

  • Industrial structures, Skylights and Cladding.
  • Swimming Pool.
  • Campus Building.
  • Canopy.
  • Garage.

  1. Installation XRPLite is the same as how the installations of metal roof or zyncalume normally.
  2. Please overlap each sheet of XRPLite minimum 200 mm from each sheet length direction and minimum one corrugation to either sides (left & right).
  3.  XRPLite is installed with screw fasteners and weatherlock seals for each bar structures and drill holes at range 1-2 mm from the diameters of screw fasteners.
  4.  XRPLite can be cut using ordinary hack saw or grinding machine.
This sheet has high quality product, which handling and installation in the field should be considered properly, make sure the floor is clean, flat and dry and protected from dust and other impurities when the storage process in the fied.